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Don’t Wait Until New Years Eve to Plan Your Health Goals for 2020

Studies show over and over again that the “key to success” is planning! 
Yet, so many make a vow, under the influence of alcohol at midnight, to work on their health and fitness in the New Year. 
Do you know what happens? 
They join a gym, go for a week or two and by the end of January, have completely fallen off their plan. 
Why does this happen?
Well, I’m glad you asked. 
Making a resolution on New Years eve is just the intention. You intend to do something, but you’ve not planned anything. 
Simple intention is not enough! It’s like blowing the candle out on your birthday cake, wishing for a better job with more money and then not even looking at/applying for a new job. Simple intention isn’t enough. Turn to your neighbor and say that out loud; Simple intention isn’t enough.

“key to success” is planning! 

Planning is the integral part of achieving any goal. Whether you want to buy a house, go on vacation or get yourself into better shape, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. 

Planning health & fitness goals isn’t an easy undertaking for the average person. There is SO much more to it than determining how much weight you want to lose. Adding insult to injury is the amount of information to be had courtesy of the internet. Not all information is good information. 
Following incorrect advise on diet and exercise can lead to disaster. It is quite easy to disrupt your normal hormone regulation and/or become injured from incorrect exercise technique or bad workout programming. 

So, what your first step? 
Sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen and writing out what goals you want to achieve by the end of 2020. This brainstorm session becomes your road map. 
Please don’t put “I want to lose weight” on it and call it done. lol 
Honestly…. be more specific.
How much weight? By when? Why?
What tools will you use to measure progress?
What is your plan to keep you motivated? Accountable?
Will you get a friend involved?
What type of exercise do you want? A traditional gym? Smaller Studio? Treadmills, bikes and machines? Or Movement and Dance Based? 
What is your budget? 
Are you going to hire a fitness expert? Join a studio? (ahem….lol —> I am both of those by the way. 😎
Will you be endeavoring on this journey alone? Or do you have a partner that will do it with you? 
Who would you delegate as your support? You know, the person who will sit and listen. Won’t judge you  but also won’t let you self sabotage with excuses. Who is this person? 
What size clothes are you wearing now? What size clothing would you like to be by the end of next year? Do you regularly attend holiday functions? How do you feel when you’re trying to get dressed for them? How do feel and behave once you’re at these functions? 
Write down your feelings! How are you feeling right now? How do you want to feel? Get as descriptive as possible. 
I prose to you that you dig deep and hen asking yourself these questions. Part of the journey is pulling back the curtains and getting to know what makes you tick~ Establishing what you’re going to need for the right mindset and proactively planning ahead for anything that might derail you, means you can achieve your goals! 

Watch for step 2! 

In the meantime, pull out that pen and paper, start a timer for 20 minutes and get writing! 

In love, light and health~ 
Reenie Marie