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The Mysfit Fitness Team


Straddle4BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer and also carries certifications in Gymnastics and Trampoline and a Chartered Herbalist Degree. Her passion and conviction for health and fitness shapes her life. Noreen’s lifestyle coaching and philosophies go deeper than your regular gym drudgery. Her passion is to lead others on a journey to complete health and wellness in a holistic approach.

Personal Philosophy : “Be the change you want to see” -Gandhi’s

That specific quote has shaped so much of my goals, perceptions and outlooks toward humanity.  I truly believe with strength and that we can affect people around us by merely setting an example.
Like the proverbial pebble dropped into the calm pool, the ripples of our actions continue to spread out to set standards for those around us.

Certifications & Registrations
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer |
BCRPA Certified Weight Trainer | Level 1 OFA & CPR | Third Age | TRX Suspension | BCGA Certified Gymnastics Coach | BCTTF Certified Trampoline Coach | Pole Fitness Instructor


Richelle BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader and holds certifications in Belly dance and Belly fit. Richelle has been studying belly dance since 2002.
Her love of movement as an expression of art has fueled her passion for belly dance and fitness.
In February 2010 she became the first Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio in British Columbia and
is a founding member and Artistic Director of Divine Tribalistas, an American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Belly dance performance troupe.

Personal Philosophy : “Great bodies aren’t born, they’re forged” – Les Mills

We all have to work for what we wish to achieve, no one is going to hand it to you.
This motivates me through all the core conditioning and boot camps I lead.
That heat in your muscles when you are working hard, that is what will forge the new you.

Certifications & Registrations
BCRPA Group Fitness Leader |BCRPA FitFlow Yoga | Red Cross SFA, CPR C, AED |
ATS® Belly dance Teacher | ATS® Belly dance General Skills | Belly dance Teacher | High 5 Principles of Healthy Child Development |
Belly fit Instructor Initiation & Training |


Melissa joined the Mysfit Fitness Team in Spring of 2013. She brought with her a love of helping all of us relax and unwind when it’s pole class time. Melissa teaches Booty, Pole Kittens, Pole Mynx and Stiletto. 




Kelsey began her journey as a Mysfit member Dec 2014 quickly discovering she had a passion for dance and movement. She began her teacher training with us and was welcomed to the Mysfit Fitness Team July 2017. Kelsey successfully competed in the Drama Division of the PSO in 2017 and will compete in the PSO Westerns this September. 
When not hanging around the studio, Kelsey can be found with her dog Louie doing all kinds of wonderful outdoorsy stuff.