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Get Strong! Get Fit! Get Confident!

Are you looking for original and complete fitness training?

Do you want to be part of a fitness family, fit in and belong?

Our clean, bright studio offers a variety of group training sessions that will simultaneously improve your strength, endurance and flexibility with an out of the ordinary approach. We firmly believe that being fit and healthy should be fun! Our clients spend as much time laughing as they do training, and it’s not uncommon for group sing a longs to bust out mid class! Mysfits are family… and everyone will know your name. You will always be greeted with warm smiles and salutations and you will leave feeling empowered and appreciated!
If you are looking for something unconventional and fun that will get you wicked results with the support of a fantastic family- Mysfit Fitness is the studio for you. We pride ourselves on being different! We are a bit kooky, a bit off beat, a little rough around the edges but we love what we do and we love helping women reconnect with the inner strength and beauty!

How did we get here?

Mysfit Fitness began in a small, modest studio with just 2 poles and a variety of fitness and cardio equipment in July 2009. We proudly offered high quality instruction in Pole Fitness, Personal Training and Boot camps. This quaint little studio was so successful that by 2011, we found we needed a larger space. We found our new home in Fleetwood in January 2012 and immediately began creating a warm, welcoming and safe environment for all. We proudly opened the doors of our new location April 1st 2012. Within our first year of operations in our new location, we were awarded the Bronze in the Surrey Leader’s Readers Choice Awards and awarded it again for 2013. We were deeply honored and moved by this accomplishment as it shows us how powerful an impact we made on the women we served in our local community. With this wonderful growth, we soon outgrew our Fleetwood location and relocated the studio to Langley in September 2014. 


What sets us apart?

The Mysfit Family

We pride ourselves on being the island of “mysfit” toys. We do things differently and like it that way. Our fitness—our way. No confines of convention. No restrictions.  No expectations. No Judgements. We owe no one explanation. We come to the studio and find an outlet that embraces and accepts us for who we are. We can leave all the baggage at the door and just be….

Our students grow quickly into tight knit group of women developing bonds and friendships that reach beyond the walls of our studio. Trying new things can be intimidating. All of us Mysfits remember that “first” class and how unsure we all felt prior to walking through the door. Our existing clients are approachable and quickly ease away those first timer jitters. Our focus as a family is to always foster a safe place for everyone to explore new adventures.

We are always planning something that brings a fun twist to our clients and fosters friendship. We plan ladies nights, BBQ’s, specialty workshops, pool parties, bowling, rock climbing and many other excursions to add fun!

We offer a great variety of group classes for all fitness levels and ages, with something for everyone in our offerings. Our current clients range in ages from 16 to almost 60. Some clients attend weekly, while others seem to have taken up residence among the brass poles and aerial hammocks that make up our studio.

Service Excellence & High Quality Instruction

We constantly “listen” to our clients, hear them and implement their feedback. We pride ourselves on our high quality instruction and exceptional customer service. We acknowledge that our clients make our studio and we continually grow and adapt to keep those bonds strong.

Our trainers maintain a very high level of certification recognized by Provincial and National governing bodies for fitness professionals. Our trainers are BCRPA Certified Personal Trainers and PFIC Certified for Pole Fitness & Aerial Yoga. We are constantly reviewing and researching industry safety standards and adapt our sessions and lessons as needed to ensure the utmost safety of our clients. Our trainers frequently take courses and seminars to update our credentials to offer the highest possible level of instruction as well as be properly insured and certified to instruct the classes we offer. We are correctly and properly insured for all the activities we offer in the studio and are correctly registered with BCRPA, PFIC, GBC & NCCP.