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 Mysfit Fitness Class Descriptions

Pole Dance

Pole Primer Your introduction to Pole Dancing.
Start here~ Brand new to the pole dance world? Our Pole Primer Intro class is the place to hang! Surrounded by other brand-new members while you learn how to safely maneuver your way through this incredible new dance form! (4 Classes)

Foundations & Flow
In Foundations and Flow, you’ll begin the focus of grace and poise. A choreography and movement centered class that begins to tie it all together. Become amazed at your elegance as you seemingly float above the floor. 

Climbs & Sits
You’ve mastered the basic technique and built some strength. It’s time for some more challenge. You’ll continue to build strength and stamina while you float through phrases combining spins, dance and transitions. Continue building your confidence as we now work on mastering climbs, holds and sits.
New members must have completed the Flow & Foundations series prior to attending this class. 

Stiletto Sexy
Stiletto Sexy is a choreography centered dance class which uses a variation of chair, wall, floor and pole to introduce you to dancing in heels. (4-5 Classes)
This class begins a new cycle of music piece and choreography every 4 weeks. 
Knee pads and proper platform stilettos are required.

Hooks & Hangs
Students should very comfy before heading up into this class. We begin the journey to becoming comfy with simple upright and inverted poses. Each class will continue to develop your strength as you move in ways you never dreamed you could! It’s truly exciting to learn what our body can do! 
Pre-requisites are required for this class.

Bottoms Up!
Let the FUN begin! We enter into a whole new realm with this series of classes. Members begin to work on inverted shapes and learning the basic invert. 
Pre-requisites are required for this class.

Exotic Dance
Exotic Dance is the classic movement style popularized by exotic dancers. All tricks emphasize the dancer’s sexuality and will help encourage strength, coordination, flexibility, and self confidence. Most students are a little shy and nervous to try exotic dance, but we guarantee everyone has felt the same way. Once you put on your heels and enter the positive, no-judgement environment, you will fall in love with yourself as a dancer. Pre-requisites are required for this class.
Pleaser Platform Heels are required if you wish to wear heels in these sessions.
Knee Pads required

Pole Tech
This class presents excellent opportunity to clean up your technique and form and zero in on your presentation as no new skills will be taught. 
This mixed level class is suitable for most levels. Students must be climbing up into upright pole holds

Pole Rx
Strength, conditioning, flexibility & corrective work. 
Pole is physically demanding and requires body maintenance to prevent injury. It is highly suggested that members attend this class on a frequent basis.  Suited for everyone! 

Open Studio
Practice makes progress. Open studio is an unsupervised practice slot for you to practice the skills you have been learning in classes. Please keep skills you practice to what you’ve learned in your level. Teaching your fellow students is not permitted. If you’re interested in becoming an instructor with Mysfit Fitness, please inquire about our Teacher Training.

Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga class is frequently misjudged as being “just a stretch class” However, it will provide you with both strength and flexibility training. With the aid of the aerial hammock, you’ll be able to safely get further range of motion and remove the stress of your joints. This incredibly relaxing class provides decompression for your mind, body and spirit.

Dance & Fitness

Booty shaking, bouncing, twerking and much more. This fun and energetic choreographed dance class where you learn to dance in the twerk style involving shaking your booty, hip thrusting and low squatting movements that work and condition your entire body, especially your butt and thighs! 
This dance class will burn calories and tone up your butt. Moderate to higher intensity class that builds your booty. Knee Pads Required 

Cardio Dance Class
Cardio Dance Class is an all levels, low/no impact, easy to follow, dance fitness class that has you moving and shaking along with great beats! You’ll smile, you;ll sweat and you’ll make great friends~ No pre-requisites required. Suited for everyone.

Fat Burner
Burn some crazy calories! 
Using a variety of differing methods, we shall get your heart rate up and burn those calories off~ 
Never boring, always changing and stays challenging. 
Suited for all levels as everything is modified where needed. Requires indoor only, non marking shoes. Large towel and bring water bottle. 

Katitude (Adult Hip Hop)
New Signature Class to the the Mysfit Schedule` Pussycat Dolls~ Mysfit style.
This choreography centered class draws inspiration from several dance forms to create a sexy, cheeky class that will get you quite a workout.

Flexi Felines
Enjoy an incredible head to toe stretch class. Socialize, stretch and catch up with the girls. 
Not your traditional, boring stretch class. 

Sexy Splits 
Have you always wanted to be able to do the splits? You can accomplish that dream if you take this class! 
Plus, it’s easier to ignore the “ouchie” when we’re all catching up, socializing in splits class. 

Floor Flow & Transitions
Floor work is an integral part of pole dancing and takes practice in order to float flawlessly over the floor. This strength and flexibility based class targets muscles you’ll need to safely develop strength to flow like a pro in your floor work.