Dance & Fitness

Dance Cardio
Catchy music and great combos make this class. This group fitness format dance class gets your heart rate up and gets you glistening and glitterin’
Low to moderate intensity and it’s low impact.
Please bring indoor only, non marking runners 

HME (Hot Mess Express)
These 30 min HIIT workouts are mass effort in less time. Perfect for those who want to get a quick cardio and strength workout in. This is a moderate to high intensity class.  We will use a variety of equipment and a few different formats to get you a great workout in less time. Suitable for most fitness levels. Please reach out to us if you are unsure.
Always bring indoor only, non-marking runners.

Mat Pilates
Pilates mat classes focus on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Each exercise is shown with modifications to increase/decrease the level of difficulty. You’ll learn to become aware of your breathing patterns and spinal alignment while you engage deep core muscles. Various props like bans, weighted balls/light dumbbells, foam rollers and rings may be added to enhance and intensify your workout. The slow controlled movements within this class develop and define long lean muscle while also increasing pliability in the tissues. Every woman can benefit from the pelvic floor workout within this class. No previous fitness experience required. Drop in permitted where there is space available.

Yoga HIIT Shred
Dynamic yoga flows and powerful HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sequences amplify cardio burn, weight loss, and muscle sculpting all while detoxing and reaping the wellness benefits of yoga. Experience the results of HIIT training with challenging short bursts combined with low impact yoga that is flowing and fun.

Pole & Aerial 

Pole Kittens
Pole Kittens classes are suitable for students just beginning their pole dance journey or for any student who wants to review and refine the basics. In Pole kittens, we will guide you through the foundations of pole dance on the pole and on the floor. Build strength and stamina while you float through phrases combining spins, dance and transitions building your confidence and learning the art and language of pole. Each class provides a sensual warm up, conditioning to ensure you continue to progress, review to moves top of mind, skills to teach you new ways to move and a nice cool down and stretch to help you improve your overall flexibility.

Mynx 1
Mynx 1 replaces our Pole Basics 2,3 & 4 levels.
Students should be really comfy in Pole Kittens before heading up into this level. We begin to work on climbs, holds and more advanced spins fluidly putting each skill learned in class into flowy chunks of choreography. Each structured lesson plan puts you through a warm up including some strengthening exercises. Moving into a quick review and then new skills, you’re instructor will help you successfully and safely learn the new elements and put it all into a movement phrase and you’l dance it all together as a complete piece. Class will finish with a stretch where we will give you pointers on how to improve your flexibility.

Mynx 2  *Int Level
Replaces Basics levels 4,5,6
Students should be really comfy in Mynx 1 before joining into this class. Mynx 2 is all about inversions, intermediate level combinations and spins and more advanced floor work. Each class will contain a cardio warm up and conditioning before we move into the skills and combinations to be covered, Each class will finish with a stretch and some flexibility training.

Performance Plus –* Int/Adv. Level  
*requires invitation Advanced levels and performance training targeted.   

Stiletto Sexy
Stiletto sexy is the place for new Kittens and Mynx’s to learn to dance in heels. This non-trick based class uses wall work, floor work, chair work and pole to create some super steamy and sensual dance choreographies. Heel bangs, booty popping, and cat crawling are all part of the sexy fun. Each class starts with a flirty warm up to prepare your mind and body for the class to come. You’ll learn new skills and dance combinations each class and build each class’ movements into a full choreography. Each class finishes off with a bit of free dance and then a really great flexi stretch.
** Knee Pads, Leg Warmers are recommended for this class. Heels are optional but SO FUN!

Sexy Flow* Int. Level  
Int/Adv level choreographies and dance combos will be taught in this steamy class. 
Members should have permission before climbing up.
** Knee Pads, Leg Warmers are recommended for this class. Heels are optional but SO FUN!
New Kittens– check out Pole Kittens & Stilleto Sexy.

Suspended Stretch
This often referred to Aerial Yoga class is frequently misjudged as being “just a stretch class” However, it will provide you with both strength and flexibility training. With the aid of the aerial hammock, you’ll be able to safely get further range of motion and remove the stress of your joints. This incredibly relaxing class provides decompression for your mind, body and spirit.
PLEASE NOTE- the Following:
Wear tights or leggings and Sleeved t shirts to protect your skin from friction burns.
No Jewelry. NO exceptions.
For the safety and care of our hammocks:
No Stiletto style manicures or really long fingernails. They tear the hammocks and then they hammock is no longer safely usable.
For the safety and hygiene of our beloved members:
No open cuts or sores, Athletes Foot or Plantar Warts/Warts.
We apologize for the restriction but thank you for taking great caution to prevent spreading to your fellow Mysfits.