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Community & Why it Matters for Women


Kristin 48-year-old, perimenopausal, married mother of 2 teens. Employed full time at a dental office as a hygienist.


Kristin, at 48 years young, found she was struggling with a myriad of thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and couldn’t really pinpoint her own identity. She’d been a mom, caregiver and wife for so long, who was she? She reflects back with longing, missing the sexy and powerful nymph of old. Where did this creature go? She can’t remember the last time she slipped into something sexy. Hell, she can’t remember the last time she felt sexy in anything she wore. She spends her days in scrubs and her nights in flannel PJ’s. She yearns for some kind of change that is going to shake things up and get her out of this funk. 

While searching google for symptoms of menopause, she came across Mysfit Fitness, a boutique
fitness and dance studio near her. She is a little jittery when she realizes it is mostly a pole dance studio yet, the inner rebel buried deep within nudges her. Pole Dance… is sexy no damn doubt about that. She reads through the
website with keen interest.

She pulls up the class schedule captivated by the classes on offer. She is still a teeny bit apprehensive about taking a pole class but there is a chair dance class that piques her interest, so she decides to buy the new member intro offer.

Shortly after registering, she received a phone call from the studio to welcome her and make sure she is ready to start her first class. To learn that the bulk of trainers at this studio were over and the around the 40-year-old mark was reassuring. She had visions and anxiety of being the oldest person in the room. 

Having the studio call her was a nice touch and unexpected. She was able to get her questions answered and this call alleviated the anxiety she had. After all, this was definitely stepping out of her comfort zone.

She arrived at the studio for her first class, still a bit unsure about what the hell she has gotten herself into. She felt comfortable immediately by the staff and members sitting waiting with her in the lobby. They all assured her she was going to have a blast and really enjoy class. So much so, that she would be looking forward to coming back. The members encouraged her to try out the pole class assuring her that she would truly enjoy the flirty freedom and offered to come with her for support.

Go time: Class was starting. She gulped a bit as she walked into the dimly lit and demure space. Grateful for the low lights, she chose her spot in class. She opted to hide out in the back corner to avoid being front and center. The instructor welcomed them all and introduced everyone to one another while she led them through warm up. Seamlessly transitioning into the choreography they were going to learn for that class. Kristin really liked the pace of the class and the repetition was perfect to master these new moves.
At the end of class, Kristin was sweaty but to be honest, none of the class had felt like exercise. One of the students had told her while waiting in the lobby that she was going to feel 100 percent better leaving than she did when she arrived. After enjoying the chair class, she was in full agreement. Kristi felt a sense of excitement and kind of felt like a sexy Rockstar! She was likely going to feel this class tomorrow as her butt and legs haven’t had that much action in years… but it was going to be well worth it.
She continued on taking classes and decided to become a member with the studio.

Being surrounded by the ladies of Mysfit Fitness made her realize that she isn’t alone. The thoughts and fears she has are being felt by other women and there is a unique validation in being heard, understood and acknowledged while at the same time, knowing someone has your back. Someone to remind you that these feelings are fleeting, shall pass and at the end of the day, it will be okay. There is an invaluable, rare gift to be found in a community of supportive and encouraging women.

Among these women, Kristin’s begun her journey to getting her sexy back and she’s excited for all the incredible changes coming. She’s building strength and muscle while she’s slowly coming out of her funk and coming to classes has rekindled the embers of the sleeping sensuality she thought lost.

This is a familiar story among the members of Mysfit Fitness. Our members know they need something, but they don’t know what that something is until they find us. The tribe of women within our studio is an eclectic society of sisters in many shapes and sizes. All share one attribute; a longing to be accepted, acknowledged and know they matter. If home is where your heart is…. welcome home.



Client name has been changed for privacy.