What do I need to know before coming to class?

–  Please avoid wearing any lotion the day of classes. Lotions and pole make for a slippery situation and safety is the most important thing we focus on. Fun is the very next!

–  In the first class we cover the basics of pole fitness. This includes proper engagement, posture, correct hand placements and we learn the basic of climbs and spins.

– Please make the staff aware of any injury(past or present). All exercise can be adapted and modified to maximize safety for each participant.

-Please remove rings and watches, bring water with you and plan on laughing lots~ We have a ton of fun!

-Clothing- Pole requires skin contact. So, please wear shorts and a tank top and bare feet. If you aren’t comfortable wearing shorts, we recommend wearing yoga pants that you can pull up when needed.

– We are very fitness based in our teaching approach. Certified Personal Trainers who place our focus on fun fitness in a safe class environment.

–  Pole is a wonderful form of Fitness. It gives a full body workout and strength gains are seen very quickly.

–  After your first class, you may notice small bruises. These are normal and are harmless. These bruises should never been painful. You will also find some stiffness in various parts of the body after your workout. Generally- the upper back and arms. Again, normal but it should never be so bad you can’t move.

–  If you are taking any medications which cause you to bruise easier, please advise the staff. These include blood thinners(anti-coagulants) Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories( Motrin, Advil, Aspirin) In most cases, it is harmless, but communication is always safest.


What is Pole Fitness?

Pole is quickly becoming a very popular form of fitness. It offers a full body workout utilizing our own body weight. Best part—you are having so much fun—-you don’t realize you are working out.


Are the instructors certified?

Yes. Our instructors are at bare minimum; BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instructors and a few of us are BCRPA Certified Personal Trainers. The entire teaching syllabus was written by our head personal trainer and the focus is to teach all classes in a safe progressive manner allowing students to build strength.



What type of classes do you offer?

We are a group of Certified Fitness Professionals who believe all fitness can be fun! We offer classes in Pole Fitness, Dance Fitness, A variety of Bootcamps/Indoor training, Group Fitness Classes, and much more!