Here is the “readers digest” version of our most important policies. For the full meal deal, please refer to your member guide.

  • All sessions require a minimum number of advance reservations to avoid being cancelled.
  • Sessions cancelled 3 times within one month (30 day period) will be removed from the schedule. So– if you really like a format, it’s a good idea to attend it~
  • We have a strict “Late Cancel/No Show Policy of a minimum 12 hours notice. Less than 12 hours notice will be considered a late cancel and your card on file will be charged a fee of $20/session reserved. Failure to attend session will be considered a “No Show” and the card on file on your account will be charged $20/session not attended. Any session credits attached are forfeit in both no show and late cancel and can not be redeemed under any circumstances. Repeat offenders will be placed on probation and reservation privileges may be suspended for a period of time as determined by management.
  • Members must arrive on time. Members arriving any more than 5 mins late to a session will not be granted access.
  • All sessions and packages are paid in advance. 
  • Some promotional offers may only be available to new students. Please always read the details included on the description for terms. Intro offers are only available to students who have never been to our studio before. 
  • Memberships are based on term length and will auto renew with original terms 30 business days prior to the end of the term. If you wish to make any changes or cancel your membership, 30 business days notice in writing must be received by the office prior to the end of the original term. .
  • Monthly memberships require a valid credit card on file for Auto Pay. Any purchases made in cash(including debit/interact) must be paid in full at time of purchase.
  • We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Credit notes may be issued on a case by case basis.