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Peri/Meno Edition

  Little Black Dress


Start November 4th!

Haha! Yes~ I realize the video says October. Menobrain had no idea what month it was. My apologies for the confusion.
Official start date is Monday November 4th.
The “kick off” will be Friday November 1st!

Little Black Dress Starts In








Little Black Dress Project

Inside this Unique Challenge

  • 4 Weeks of Classes designed to bring out your “Rockstar” 
  • 4 weeks of Yummy Meal Plans that are simple to create
  • 4 weeks of Done For You Shopping lists to make shopping a breeze! Just Print and Go! 
  • Recipe Guide with simple and delicious dishes! 
  • Our Patented Secret to Success Guide full of tips and tricks
  • The Dining Out Guide with simple swaps! 
  • Access to our “Members Only” Facebook group for support for education, motivation and support! 
  • Science Based Education on Food, Hormones & Exercise 
  • Prizes
  • End of Challenge Celebration! 

Hectic hormones, horrendous hot flashes & arduous aches and pains getting you down?
You’re not alone sister. Don’t even get me started on the sudden weight gain, sleepless nights and panic attacks.

Simple changes in our lifestyle helps. It has made me feel a lot better and it can help you! It’s not a quick fix but it has allowed me the grace of staying off hormone replacement therapy.

Let’s face it no one really wants to exercise but that is where the classes at Mysfit Fitness are different! You actually want to come. In fact, you look forward to it and get excited! When was the last time you were excited about exercising? 

OMG! The Classes!

Have rigid schedule requirements prevented you from joining challenges because you aren’t able to commit to the same days/times each week? 
Our flexible scheduling and robust class schedule offers you the flexibility to schedule your classes around  what works with your day to day. 
You’ll have a “flight plan” to follow but you’re free to reserve classes that work around your schedule each week. 


Part of the reason that women find SUCCESS in the health journey at Mysfit Fitness is our CLASSES! We guarantee you’ve not had this much fun exercising ever! Every class you attend builds your confidence, liberates you, builds emotional strength as well as physical and surrounds you with the BEST cheer-leading squad!





Grow Your Confidence 

Limited Spots

Grab your before it is full! 

Happy Clients

I enjoy coming to classes at Mysfit Fitness because I always get a good workout and it doesn’t really matter how old I am. I’m almost 50 and I can do a lot of the stuff here that the younger girls are doing. Mostly, that’s because the instruction is so good. We are always progressed properly and we don’t get hurt. Which, at my age, is a big concern.

- Sandra Jane

I love mysfit fitness 🙂 they are so welcoming, fun, easy going, outgoing, funny and they leave no one behind nor left out. When I first walked in and talked to Reenie she could sense my fear and my uncertainty my life was falling apart she waited for the other girls to leave and we chatted for like 2HRS! She was so good to talk too and understanding and helped me with health food choices and the proper workouts. I have never been so welcomed in my life.  I always got picked on; black sheep. After first class of Pole I was hooked. lol. I love the mirrors and the lighting 🙂 Everyone praises you when you accomplish a spin. If I can do it anyone can. I’m over the moon belonging and being a Mysfit I am Honoured.

- Katniss Britt

Have fun, meet friends, laugh and get in physical activity in a friendly fun open to all atmosphere. this place is truly women cheering on other women. 

- Trina Marie

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