I am new, what do I do? 

All classes must be reserved in advance to ensure space. 

Below is general information to help answer those questions all new Mysfits have. If we haven’t answered your question, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Thank you for seeking out Mysfit Fitness! We can’t wait to meet you.
New students interested in Pole Dance should reserve a space in our Pole Kittens class. Pole Kittens is our Intro to Pole Class and is perfectly suited for all fitness levels and abilities. This class teaches dance, twirls, spins and movement phrases that put it all together, build strength and prepare the new student to move onto our Mynx classes. The class format is the same each week, repeating similar movements so new students may join at any time. When you head to our calendar, please select “Pole Kittens” and follow the prompts to create your profile in our portal. You may select drop in pole classes as the membership option to hold your space. Please also have a look through our FAQ so you know what to bring/ wear/avoid for your first class.

New to Mysfit Fitness but not new to pole?
Let’s connect to discuss what skills you have learned so we can schedule you an assessment in a class of suitable challenge. It is important to us that you get placed in a class that is appropriate for your skill level.

Been away from pole class for awhile?
If you have been a student in another studio, but have been away from pole for awhile and want to get back at it-  we can happily schedule you for a class. Give us a call so we can determine where to place you that will allow time to rebuild some strength but still offer challenge.

New student interested in Aerial Arts, Aerial Yoga & Circus?
Aerial arts are a fun and challenging way to work out and offer excellent cross training benefits for pretty much everyone. Unlike pole classes though, these classes will have the students in an inverted(upside position) relatively quickly as the equipment lends itself as the supportive prop requiring less strength. Students who have blood pressure problems should avoid these classes unless it is expressly consented to by the primary physician. People with high blood pressure should always avoid having their head below their heart for safety~ We care about our students and we are here to ensure the safety, well being and health of each and every Mysfit. The good news? Most people who suffer high blood pressure find it lowers considerably with exercise and lifestyle change… so by starting on your path to wellness, you may be upside down before you know it~

Interested in our dance and fitness classes? 
Our dance and fitness classes are suitable for all levels and may be started at anytime. Each class will have specific “need to know information” in the description in the member portal when you reserve your spot.
We offer Burlesque Bombshells, Booty, Ballet Body and much more and new formats get added every few months to keep it fresh and exciting!