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where we began…

in 2008, I was working a desk job as a manager for a landscaping company and I was out of shape and unhappy. A coworker and I were discussing fitness options and my coworker mentioned pole dance. We discovered there was a company that did in home parties.

I booked a party, invited 15 people and what a night! 
I’ll admit, I felt a little awkward and out of my element, but it appealed to the gymnast in me as well as the dance lover. I was immediately hooked!

I bought a pole and immediately knew this was something I wanted to teach others. I felt free and alive and it appealed to the rebel in me that balks convention. However, as a gymnast, and coach, I also recognized the serious potential for injury. So I went back to school full time for 4.5 months to gain a degree in personal training and human movement. 

Mysfit Fitness was officially born in the spring of 2009 offering small classes and privates out of my home. April 2012, we opened our first official location which allowed us to offer more classes to more women. Women, just like me who were looking to improve the health and fitness but weren’t the gym type.  

Over the course of the next 11 years, we helped thousands of women lose weight, find a healthier lifestyle all while helping build their confidence and embracing their sexy side.

where we are now…

The pandemic brought problems for so many businesses and Mysfit Fitness was no different. After being in business for over 11 years, I wasn’t willing to go massively into debt “waiting it out”.
I made the difficult decision in May 2020 to pack up all our equipment and put it into storage and assess what I wanted to do once the dust settled from the world being closed.

Over the course of the next 2 years, Mysfit Fitness evolved once more. We moved to online fitness and dance classes and coaching with a specific focus on women in all stages of menopause.

Through all the evolutions Mysfit Fitness has been through over the course of 13 years, my mission has remained the same. I want to inspire, educate and empower you to live a healthier, more active life. A healthy lifestyle that’s on your own terms. 

I give you the tools to lose weight, get into better shape and feel great! All without crazy food restrictions or grueling workouts. No weighing, no calorie counting. Who the heck wants to live that way? 

Best of all, it’s sustainable and easy to incorporate into your life. 

Our programs and services may have changed but one thing has not, I still firmly believe every woman needs and deserves to feel sexy and confident, no matter her age. 

Wanna know the secret sauce to the success of the Mysfit Method? Well it starts with sexy is a state of mind. Not a state of body.


The Mysfit behind Mysfit.

reenie marie

program director/ head mysfit

Reenie has always danced to the beat of a different drum and this flows through into her views on women’s health & fitness. She takes an unconventional approach of helping women build a flexible regime and together, a plan is built that gets results and is easily sustained.  Her fun, light hearted approach reinforces her belief that health and fitness can be fun and enjoyable. 


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