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I’m back!  You’ve got some great info to work with now that you’ve finished your homework assignment. You’ve completed the homework, right? If not, stop now… go back and do that before you dive into this next part. I’ll wait… 😊  I will still be here when you get back.  

👉 insert jeopardy countdown theme 👈

Now that you’ve fleshed out what your goals are, you’ve got some useful insight into yourself. You know what you want, why you want it, when you want to achieve it and how you want to get there. We can now consider your next steps. 

Step 1
Did you determine your preference would be joining a traditional gym? Or does the thought of treadmills, machines and loads of people make you want to run screaming in the other direction? To be honest, it’s my experience that most of you who come to hang out with me, are not traditional gym types.
Should that be the case, your interest would be an activity that gets you moving but isn’t mindless, boring and busy due to large class sizes.

Step 2 
The next step is to objectively look at your goal’s vs your budget and timeline.
My honest recommendation for weight loss and body composition change is a minimum 6 months. Healthy, lasting change takes time. It takes time to adjust, time to develop new habits and time to make it permanent.

Step 3
You know your goals and you know your budget. Now, the research beings. Hop onto to google and search for all your options in your local area. Begin weeding out which ones are of no interest to you and shortlist the ones that are. Investigate the ones that appeal to you; read their reviews, read through their website. CALL THEM! For heaven’s sake… pick up the phone and call them. You’ll get an immediate vibe from that phone call to determine if you’re a good fit there. Call all the ones on your shortlist.

Step 4
Seek out a new member intro offer to test it out before you make a commitment. I suggest doing this with all of the ones you are contemplating. I personally like the “try before you buy”
What I don’t like as a consumer; companies coming at me with high pressure sales tactics on my first visit. Allow me a few dates before you start proposing. Honestly!

Step 5
Once you’ve found a studio or gym that ✔️all your boxes, set up an appointment to meet with someone to discuss your goals. If you’re happy, join. If you’re not, try out another option on your list. Not everyone is a good fit and that’s okay. Focus on finding the fit that is good for you! This will ensure you’re happy, the studio is happy, and you’ll reach success!

If you’re curious and would like to explore what Mysfit Fitness offers that will help you reach your fitness and health goals in 2020, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We can set up a quick chat where I’m delighted to answer all your questions.
Heck, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like some guidance on finding the best fit for you regardless of where that may be.
It would be my pleasure to chat with you.

Cheers and may the New Year bring you success, happiness,
health & wealth!

Inn love, light & health,